Updated: January 2024
To read about my experiences and projects
- in Italy and abroad, with big companies and the Public sector and NGOs, on existing or new products, working alone and in complex teams -
I recommend you open my portfolio from desktop.

In the meantime (in case you don't already have it),
- here is my CV, in PDF format
I am a generalist. I give my best when I can be involved across all of the process, from brief definition to implementation.
Asking questions, a bit of skepticism, and a bit of idealism is what makes me a (I think) good designer.
I'm Francesco Duc,
Service and UX designer.
Recent skills acquired outside of the typycal UX realm (mostly by doing + some books):
  • UX writing / micro-copy;
  • functional analysys and technical documentation
  • product ownership.
OMG so cute
+ A newly started design-as-volunteering project
With an free clinic NGO; I am very excited about this new activity, which includes:
  • actual positive impact on the world
  • thecomplex, ever-evolving context of a small NGO and their daily ways of work
  • challenging user (senior citizens) in a confusing environment (the clinic is extremely busy in some days)
  • two topics I care about: the right to universal healthcare, and fighting bureaucracy
I am currently in the research phase through interviews (more or less formal) and shadowing.
We are defining the existing problems from the different stakeholders; there are several direction:
  • ease the frictions in existing flows
  • create new flows of service as the organization expands its scope, its ways of helping people
  • continue the process of digitalization of the bureaucracy and work of the volunteers

I will write more about it soon!
UX design at 360°, including the classics (IA, flows, wireframes, research ,...) and also micro-copy, visuals, tech specification, product ownership
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Service design
User research
Service and UX design
Design research (design for policy-making)
User research
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Ia m Francesco Duc,
Service and UX designer.
A selection of my experiences:
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