here are my contacts:

I suggest opening my portfolio on desktop, to read my CV and case studies of my projects.

Such as:
How I designed a digital product to help lazy language learners a way to keep practicing, exploiting a common bad habit: internet scrolling.
How my team and I designed a service to help new mothers cultivate their professional life during maternity,
and keep their CV moving.
How I designed a conceptual in-car infotainment system which, through mobile-like interaction, allows the driver to keep the eyes on the road and achieve a greater connection with his/her vehicle.
How my team and I tried to bring family/support system more at the center of the Colon Cancer Screening process, to raise the participation rate of it.
I'm Francesco Duc, Service and Interaction designer.

I am currently working on my master thesis,
in collaboration with the Estonian Social Insurance Board,
on the future of the retirement pension system;
while delivering work for a soon-to-be startup.

When I am not designing, I might be:
swimming in the cold cold baltic sea;
organizing virtual work-out sessions with old friends
to motivate each other fighting physical and mental flabbiness;
and very very slowly learning music production.

Click here for mybio and contacts,
or check my projects from down here.
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